It’s about Europe, stupid.

What the Greek elections and their aftermath show is something that we have been noticing for quite a long time: in Europe, elections are not about the traditional debate between conservative and socialdemocratic/progressive parties. It does not really exist anymore, it is not about that. The main decision voters in the continent have to make, is not choosing between the traditional views of a moderate left and a moderate right, but rather what future do they see for Europe and which parties better reflect that. Europe is the only real Debate that actually matters and everything else is secondary. Elections are about something higher, in a sense. Hence, we should not be surprised if Angela Merkel’s CDU has formed a government with the Socialdemocrats; we should not be surprised if Democrat Matteo Renzi, in Italy, has formed a government with some members of the moderate center-right; we should not be surprised if the next British elections will be defined by the same debate and we should definitely not be surprised if the populist and radical left has more in common with some parties on the populist right, than with the moderate left, as we are witnessing in Greece. It is about EUROPE, on the rest parties will eventually find an agreement. And it is a good thing, moving forward. It gets us closer to further integration and to the federal state we so desperately need. We are witnessing a European-wide debate about Europe, so we are following elections in Greece as if they are are own (and we are reacting to terrorist attacks in Paris as if each and every one of us was directly attacked). And although politicians like Tsipras are either lying to their voters or really trying to destroy any hope of integration (Greece has received money it did not have, by promising something in exchange, which it does not want to give -the informal definition of moral hazard-), their actions are still part of The Debate, the only one that truly matters, as I have argued. But do not worry my friends, we will win this debate in the end. We will have a Federal Union. We will create the United States of Europe.



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